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Forward Janesville Members

An important message from the President, John Beckord

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March 13, 2020

Dear Forward Janesville Member
We are facing a fluid situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Forward Janesville employees and volunteers are monitoring a variety of information channels and will keep you informed of best practices, sources of reliable information, and suggestions for how to inform your employees, customers and vendors about your plans for dealing with this situation. Our goal is to minimize the impact on our community by looking to our public health experts for guidance related to the pandemic and finding ways to support each other.
Forward Janesville has decided to postpone all large group events for the rest of March and April. These include our Annual Dinner scheduled for Wednesday, April 8 and the March 19th Business After Five located at Bessie’s Diner. This is not just about COVID-19. We all must do our part to ensure there is capacity at our medical facilities to be able to assist with ALL illnesses.

Although we are postponing in-person events, it is important for all of us to continue to support local businesses with our individual patronage. Continue to take appropriate precautions with healthy habits like washing your hands, avoiding direct contact and staying home if you’re sick. Consider purchasing gift cards from local businesses. Many restaurants are offering pick-up and delivery options for your convenience.

Medical experts continue to stress that the average person suffers mild symptoms when contracting the virus (low-grade fever, cough, intestinal discomfort). Our greatest need as a community is to prevent the virus spreading to those most vulnerable and those who care for them (chronic lung and heart conditions, diabetes, elderly, and those with a compromised immune system.)

The stories are beginning to emerge of what an average person experiences when they contract the virus. Please share these personally and as a business:

We’re always available to you and would appreciate any ideas you have as we work through this together. Let us know how you are dealing with this situation.  Let's be proactive so this crisis is mitigated in short order.

It’s time to plan, not panic.


John Beckord, President
Forward Janesville
Stay informed: 
Rock County Department of Public Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Guidance for Businesses and Employers – CDC
John Beckord, President